An Introduction to Garage Door Springs

The hardware of your garage door comprises of massive springs used to hold it intact. These springs must be accurately adjusted to keep the door opener’s motor from prematurely burning out. However, it is important to seek professional help when the springs need adjustment, as several injuries have been reported when homeowners have tried their hand at adjusting door springs or the cables attached to them. The springs stretch when your garage door is shut. The connecting cables go through enormous strain every time the door opens or closes. Loosening any hardware that is connected to the cable’s spring can result in fatal consequences!

The manufacturing of door springs is done in a manner such that it lifts the door without using much manual force. You just need to give it a little upward push to open it, and a little downward pull to close it. The moment your garage doors require extra force to open or shut, it’s a sign that the springs in the door are not correctly adjusted, or that they are worn out. Determining such a condition is simple. A perfectly working garage door will remain suspended from its tracks when it is half-closed or half-open. If it drops to the ground with a bang, it is because the springs have become loose.

Garage doors usually weigh more than 300 pounds, and faulty performance from the springs can result in serious injuries. Garage doors require periodic maintenance as much as the other equipment in your house. They are used very often, and every time you hoist them up or pull them down, their hinges, rollers, pulleys, cables and spring are exposed to wear and tear. It is important to have regular maintenance checks carried out so that no accidents are caused.

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