Commercial Garage Door Installation

Garage doors are subject to wear and tear as they are among the most frequently used equipment in a household. If you’re looking to replace your garage door with a new one, it is crucial to seek professional help instead of undertaking the task yourself. Garage doors are typically at least 300 pounds in weight. Installing them without experience or expertise may lead to serious injuries. Moreover, it’s a task that requires more than one person.

Garage door installation requires comprehension, measuring skills, and carpentry skills. An experienced person will take approximately five hours to complete the job, while a beginner will need at least twelve hours. Various materials are used in construction of commercial garage doors. Whether your garage door is made of wood, metal or steel, its effectiveness will be determined by the spring system.

Garage doors may be installed using two spring systems. Extension springs form part of the first option. They are safer and simpler to use compared to the other option – torsion springs. Extensions springs may be installed by the homeowner as it’s not too complicated to carry out the process of installation, but torsion springs must be left to experienced professionals as they are dangerous for the average homeowner.

When you choose to install a particular kind of commercial door for your garage, it is essential to give ample consideration to its maintenance. Wood doors will require repainting to keep their looks intact, so you will be spending money on its maintenance from time to time. The materials used in making garage doors will determine their maintenance costs.

Once you’ve installed your garage door, time must be taken to test its operation. Testing will give you a clear idea as to whether you’ve missed out on certain adjustments with the regular or the torsion springs, thereby enabling you to fix the problem right away!


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