When you’re deciding upon the kind of design to choose for your garage, it is important to remember the door as it is among the crucial components of your space. After all, you will be storing some pricey investments there, and the safety of your car or other vehicles cannot be compromised. Following are a few options for garage doors that you may consider.


A roller door for your garage is ideal if you have problems with the space. Houses with narrow and short driveways can make the most of roller doors. Made from aluminum strips, these doors have no swing, overhang, or width reduction. A remote is used to control the doors, meaning that you don’t have to leave your vehicle to open or close the door.

Sectional doors

These doors can be used for any garage, regardless of the driveway’s size, whether they are big or small. The door remains within a frame, and its sections open upwards and into the garage’s ceiling space. Large subdivisions are made along the door’s breadth, and the way in which they are segmented makes them perfect for all garages.

Up and over doors

These doors, as the name suggests, are those that swing towards your driveway before moving up. When the door opens completely, you notice its alignment to the garage’s ceiling. However, they require ample space so that they can open and swing. Therefore, their suitability is limited to garages that have long driveways.

Swing hung doors

These doors are pretty much the same as traditional hinged doors. You can find remote controlled doors as well as the ones that require manual effort. These doors need more space in the front area of your garage in order to facilitate easy opening of the door. Swing hung doors are ideal for garages with long and spacious driveways.

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