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Since there early development, families have enjoyed the convenience of possessing a fast way of opening their garage doors. Garage door openers are an awesome invention. Garage doors are heavy and trying to bother with opening one can be enormously problematic. Should you be searching for a garage door opener come see us right here first. At Garage Door Atlanta we are able to assist you with installation and garage door opener repair.

Garage Door Opener Installation

Garage door openers are often installed alone, however it can be a terribly confusing ordeal.  Save oneself the difficulty of coping with the electrical operation and employ a pro. Garage Door Atlanta can help with all your garage door opener demands.

Widespread Garage Door Opener DIY Repairs

Garage door openers are very simple devices that may require some maintenance from time to time. Garage door openers are electronic systems and while a whole lot of folks could choose to repair them devoid of support it is not always advisable. Repairs should only be carried out by the professionally trained.

Sometimes a garage door opener can start out moving up and down on its own.  If this is the dilemma, it may be a faulty security code inside your garage door opener. A different person may have a matching garage door opener remote security code. This implies that your garage door might be controlled by yet another remote opener. This could be solved using a reset of the security code.

Another popular challenge is when your garage door moves halfway down and promptly back up whenever you attempt to close it. This might be from your garage door sensor becoming hindered by one thing. Most garage doors have a security feature that stops the door from shutting when the sensor is blocked. You may have an item within the way. Take away the item to ensure that it can be away from the sensor. By removing the obstruction your garage door ought to work ordinarily. If this is not the problem then attempt cleaning the sensor lenses.

In case your garage door opener is nevertheless not operating right, consider calling  our knowledgeable staff at American Garage Door s and Openers of Atlanta. Our staff will make it easier to make the proper choice on your garage door opener repair wants. Call Garage Door Atlanta promptly to get started!

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