Protecting Your Garage Doors from Winter-Snow

There are many ways for a garage door to get damaged and one of it is due to heavy snow. There is a possibility that snow gets frozen inside your garage during winters. This melts due to the heat that it gets from your house and then re-freezes. This process can do a lot of harm to your garage door.

Tips to Maintain your Garage Door

1. Paint your Garage Door

Garage doors usually suffer from wear and tear. The water from melting snow can rust the metal parts of the door. To avoid this, it has to be painted periodically.

Step 1: The doors of your house need to be washed with detergents to remove the dirt that has been accumulated. Once this is done, the door should be left to dry completely. Check for any cracks or chipping, and if there are any, rectify them as these can obstruct you in the painting process. Do this with a wire brush and repeat the rinsing process.

Step 2: Once the doors are completely dry, primer coat or base must be applied. This will help your acrylic paint stick to the surface of the door smoothly. Usage of long strokes and allowing each layer of paint to be dried thoroughly is strongly recommended.

Step 3: Ensure that the primer coat or base is fully dry. You can now start spraying the color of your choice.

2. Use Steel Seals

 Any wooden door can be cracked easily because of snow. Steel seals can be installed on the edges of your wooden door, so at the end of winter season, you will only get deteriorated seals and not deteriorated doors. This helps in cutting down on costs incurred on the loss and damage of doors.

3. Add Proper Ventilation

Snow usually brings water into your garage whenever you drive through such weather. Condensation could ruin your doors when your car takes water towards the driveway. Because of this, your wooden doors could sag to changes in the weather. To help minimize such damages on your wooden doors, proper ventilation in your garage is a must.

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