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Rollup doors are normally used in the garage and are the biggest mechanical device in your home. Many people take these for granted but it is a large and complicated piece of equipment. It keeps the elements out and protects your home from theft.

Rollup door choices

Rollup doors are hung on springs which make it easier to lift, for either you or your garage door opener. A typical Rollup door weighs four hundred pounds, which makes it clear why the springs are necessary. Garage doors can be fabricated from a variety of materials such as steel, wood, fiberglass, and aluminum. Wooden Rollup doors and steel Rollup doors have proven to be the most popular.

Wooden Rollup doors are popular because of their traditional and natural look. The major drawback with wooden Rollup doors is that they need to be painted regularly to maintain their look.

Steel Rollup doors have several security features, mainly because of their heavy duty design. Technology has made it possible for steel Rollup doors that look like wooden doors. This gives all the beauty of a wooden door without the hassle and maintenance of a wooden door. Steel Rollup doors are also heavy duty. They don’t need a lot of regular upkeep. However, they are expensive to repair and they can become easily dented.

Rollup door mechanisms and Rollup door installation

There are many kinds of Rollup garage doors that you can use to make opening and closing your door easy. The different drives that control the functioning of the doors are: belt, chain, torsion, and screw.

Installing a Rollup door is an involved process that is better left to a professional if you want it to be done fast and efficiently. This is especially true for steel doors that are cumbersome to install. The professionals at Garage Door Atlanta can help with all of your garage door needs.

In order to keep your rollup door operating correctly, you should look it over routinely. Look for signs of wear and tear and get it repaired before a major problem arises.

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