Types of Garage Door Seals

Garage doors use various kinds of seals to keep leaves, grass, insects, snow, and rain out. Following are popular kinds of garage door seals available in the market.

Vinyl seal

Gaps can be found in garage doors if construction isn’t carried out perfectly. Vinyl seals may be applied to the openings so that unwanted elements are kept out. The base of vinyl door stops are about two inches thick, and they can be installed using trim nails.

Bottom seal

Concrete floors are very rarely level. Openings near the ground can be sealed using a bottom seal. Usually, bottom seals are installed in most garage doors. However, they are prone to warping and shrinkage due to changes in temperature and moisture. Also called as gasket or astragal, bottom seals are available in several kinds. Some of the most common ones include T-Type, J-Type, Bulb and Beaded and Wood Door seals.

Threshold seal

Threshold seals promise excellent performance when they’re used with bottom seals. They are installed directly under the garage door, on the concrete. A rubber seal that is three to four inches thick prevents debris and rain water from getting into the garage.

Brush seal

Brush seals are commonly used and found on rolling doors that are made of steel or sheet. The seal has countless hard bristles that keep debris from your garage. The strong nature of these bristles blocks unwanted elements while restricting friction from interfering with the operation of the door.

Mount seal

The heavy nature of commercial garage doors make reverse angle mount seals a crucial addition. The most popular seals of this kind include top seal which is mounted to the garage door’s top, and clip seal which is clipped onto the mount track.

All seals are available in the colors and specifications of your requirement.

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